Dover Air Force Base, Building 445 Renovation,  58,100 sf, 3 story Residence Facility,  Dover, DE

Oak Ridge National Lab, Guest House, 23,000 sf, 3 story,  Certified LEED Gold

Dover Air Force Base, Cargo Aircraft Maintenance Training Facility (CAMTF), Dover, DE

Pollard Hall Renovation, Renovation of 10,000 sf facility to a state of the art meeting space & auditorium

Lenoir City Municipal Building Programming, Lenoir City, TN

Knox County Parks & Recreation Office Building, Knoxville, TN, 3,500 SF Office Building

Downtown Dog Park, Knoxville, TN

French Park, Knoxville, TN

Warehouse Park, Johnson City, TN

New Harvest Park, Knoxville, TN

Public Building Authority Term Contract 2006 – 2011

Government & Insitutional while employed by others:

Maryville Municipal Parking Garage, Maryville, TN 100,000 sf, 3 level parking garage in downtown Maryville

U.S. Post Office, Clinton, TN 15,000 sf, one-story postal facility

UT Conference Center/Hess’ Renovation Specifications and QA for 150,000 sf renovation

Renovation of Maryville Municipal Building, Maryville, TN Facilities study and $600,000 renovation to city offices

ORNL Measurement & Controls Office Building, 3-story, 21,500 sf office bulding

ORNL Computer Science Facility, 2-story, 14,000sf office building

ORNL OEER Office Building, 2-story, 14,000 sf office building

ORNL EERF Roof testing facility

ORNL Change Room, 6,000 sf locker room and changing facility


Chemical Demilitarization Facility, Anniston Army Base, AL

15,000 sf chemical weapon demantling facility