BHS Corrugated, Knoxville, TN, 2013

–     31,000 sf Manufacturing Facility

–     37,000 sf Office

Kiefer Manufacturing, Hancock County, TN, 2013

–     30,000 sf manufacturing building addition and interior renovation

Howmet Castings, Morristown, TN

–     2001 Addition, 10,150 sf

–     2006 Setter Addition, 16,400 sf

Bush Bros. Douglas Lake Water Intake Facility, Jefferson County, TN

Whirlpool Distribution Center Prototypes, Various Locations

Industrial experience while employed other than BRC

Howmet Corporation, Morristown, TN, Phase I (25,000 sf) & II (27,000 sf) manufacturing expansions

Rubbermaid Corporation, Maryville, TN, 27,000 sf, 3-story office expansion

Rubbermaid Corporation, Maryville, TN, Phase I and II warehouse expansion, 280,000 sf total

Michigan Bulb Greenhouse Company, Oak Ridge, TN, 40,000 sf shipping, packaging, including 3,000 sf office area.

Cole Vision, Knoxville, TN, 35,000 sf manufacturing facility including 3,500 sf offices

Allied Signal Corporation, Knoxville, TN, 30,000 sf manufacturing addition

Allied Signal Corporation, Maryville, TN, 60,000 sf manufacturing facility with 9,000 sf of offices

Morton-Bendix Corporation, Maryville, TN, 65, 000 sf manufacturing facility with 9,000 sf of offices

Techmer PM, 85,000 sf manufacturing facility including 15,000 sf of offices

Schlegel Technical Center, Rockford, TN, 32,000 sf testing and laboratory facility including offices

Hess’ Distribution Center, Knoxville, TN, 250,000 sf distribution center

Scientific Ecology Group’s Q-CEP Facility, Oak Ridge, TN, 30,000 sf nuclear waste handling facility

Chemical Demilitarization Facility, Anniston Army Base, AL, 15,000 sf chemical weapon demantling facility